Sound Touch - Harmony and Balance Through Sound

Gong Bath & Sound Meditations
in The Heart of Nature

SoundTouch Retreat Centre

Affectionately called “A little bit of Peru in Northumberland”, a dedicated Sacred space to help you connect with Mother Earth and deeply nourish yourself.

Are you fascinated by the ancient power of sound? Here is an opportunity to take time-out of this hectic world to restore, reconnect and re-balance yourself through small group sound meditation sessions.

From the moment you step over the threshold, we’ll go on a peaceful journey together that will gently re-align and re-invigorate you at a deep level, connecting you to Nature and Mother Earth in a powerful and authentic way.

Johanna Sheehan Gong Bath Johanna Sheehan Gong Bath Johanna Sheehan Gong Bath

“The whole sensory experience was in wonderful balance and felt very nurturing. I am so grateful that I’ve found your beautiful space.”
N.F. (Business Coach)

Sound Meditation and being bathed in the powerful sound waves of Gongs is a great way to deeply relax, bringing the physical body, mind and soul into a state of natural balance and harmony. It can help you feel much lighter and give you clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. Coming together with other like-minded folk allows us to create a beautiful and energetic healing connection that not only nourishes ourselves but also feeds into the Cosmic web for the health and balance of all Life. Sound has been used as a healing tool for helping to improve wellbeing and health for thousands of years.

The Sound Lodge is built on sacred ground having been steeped in healing sound and shamanic tradition for over 15 years. The warmth of the fire, soft blankets, the smell of incense and herbs and candles glowing, creates a womb-like environment, setting the scene for a deeply nourishing, enriching and magical experience.

After each session we share a cuppa and maybe a seasonal cake on the fully covered and heated decking area, (the quirky “dingly dell” loo is located close by, so we really do have everything covered for your comfort).

Each meditation lasts around 2-hours (workshops are slightly longer and last 3-hours), and I take a very relaxed approach always ending in peaceful stillness to reflect on our time together. There’s easy parking down our quiet and secluded lane, meaning every session really is stress-free from the moment you arrive.

“I very much appreciated your care and attention and found the connection to the Universe exercise very powerful indeed. You prepared and took us through the session so beautifully, thank you.”
M.R. (Consultant)

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